The Swop — ICON NFT

The Swop x ICON NFT

ICON NFT Holder Benefits
- Free entry to every festival, concert, tour, convention.
- 10% profit from live events hosted by The Swop (per event)
- WL Access to all events (2 or 4 NFT tickets max -depending venue size)
- Holder parties
- Potential for more airdrops from The Swop as well as Community pool NFTs (purchased with community funds)
- WL for future NFTs from The Swop not including “FANS”
- Private Discord room for ICON Holders.
- Whitelist for Merch Drops
- More benefits to be added with progression!

The Swop x FANS NFT

FANS Holder Benefits
- Whitelisted for every Live Event hosted by The Swop (Presale list for every Live Event)
- Will have a 4–6 max mint limit depending on venue size — if for some reason we have a much bigger event it could get increased more, but should never be expected. ( Think of this benefit as like a traveling season ticket holder — but for live events)
- Potential for airdrops from The Swop
- Will receive a merch set from The Swop — expected date to be determined. (looking to add in a fashion wear)
- Whitelist for all Merch Drops
- FANS Party Events
- Holders of The Swop FANS NFT Only people eligible for future contest drawing of The Swop ICON NFT airdrop (From reserve pool — at least 50 will be allocated for FANS contests to become ICON holders)
- Large community fund (vote for use)
- Large staking fund (future use)
-More benefits will be added as we grow!



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The Swop

The Swop

The Swop LLC is a multimedia company that is setting out to help draw adoption to crypto, supplying real world use to crypto and NFTs.